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Christian retreat walks in the Yorkshire Dales:

helping you look after your spiritual, physical and mental wellbeing

as you explore and deepen your journey with God


Time out to attend to your wellbeing

Retreat walks are a wonderful opportunity to take time out from your normal schedule, and to engage with what you see around you in the beautiful landscape. I'm Susanna Hinton, and I'd love to offer you some of the shift in perspective which immersion in the splendour of the Yorkshire Dales brings: here's where we can attend to our wellbeing and walk a little closer to God...


Ruth Rice.jpg

Ruth Rice
Renew Wellbeing

“Wow.. these walks will be great for wellbeing. Susanna is such an encouragement and her heart for sharing her love of walking and her passion for wellbeing will make this a fantastic thing to engage in for those wanting to find peace. I  highly recommend this"

Jo Swain.jpeg

Jo Swain
Elder, New Life Baptist Church, Northallerton

"I have had the joy and privilege of walking with Susanna and seeing first-hand her passion for the outdoors and for the beauty of God’s creation, which she captures so skilfully in her photography.  She is wise, caring, prayerful and a great encourager. If you are considering a retreat walk I commend her to you as the perfect companion and guide."

Roy Searle.jpg

Rev Roy Searle
Baptist Union Pioneer Ambassador,
Northumbria Community Elder

"There is no walking companion better than Susanna for anyone who wants to benefit from walking in and exploring the Yorkshire Dales. Take the opportunity to be led by a responsible, caring and compassionate guide and enjoy an experience that will enrich and encourage everyone who partakes in the opportunities that Feet of Faith offers. I have no hesitation in endorsing and commending both Susanna and her ministry."

What do others say who've been on a Feet of Faith walk?


Be still and know that I am God...
Psalm 46 v 10

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