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Feet of Faith Associates

What is an Associate?

Associates accompany a Feet of Faith walk when I need to have more people alongside me, for example when I am taking a group larger than four people and needs someone to act as ‘back stop’.​

How does it work?
  • The Associate's role is to accompany the client(s) and me, walking behind at a discreet distance, while still being part of the group.

  • I will lead the retreat, and clients will have my one-to-one attention. We leave it to the client(s) to choose how much you interact with Associates as we walk.

  • When we stop for refreshments or for reflection, prayer, Bible study etc, Associates are invited to join in.

  • Confidentiality: anything which may be shared by anyone during a Feet of Faith walk will always be treated as strictly confidential. The walk is a safe space.

Would you like to become an Associate?

If you live within reach of the Yorkshire Dales, and would be interested in finding out more, or know someone who might be, please do get in touch and I’ll happily chat it through with you.

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