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About Feet of Faith:

What would a walk look like?

Because the walk is tailored to you, it will look how you want it to! If you are comfortable with 2 or 3 miles, that's what we'll do; or if you'd like to stride out and walk 10 miles, then that's what we'll do! And we'll walk at the pace of the slowest person (which may be me!). Visit our example walks page for some ideas of what we might do.

We'll start and finish with a short prayer and at the end we'll have a brief time to review what we've seen and learnt. We'll take time to respond to our surroundings as we walk - whether that is distant views or birds, flowers and insects nearby; and we'll stop for refreshments, which always taste better outdoors.

The rest of the detail will depend on you: we can chat or be silent; talk about things you need to think through (everything that is said will be kept strictly confidential); stop to read our Bibles and pray; take time to be creative - or simply walk. ​

Visit our what people say page to find out what people enjoy about their walks.

How much walking experience do I need?

Some or none! I'll tailor what we do to your experience. 

What equipment do I need?

At the very least, a good pair of walking shoes with grips, preferably boots, a waterproof jacket, plenty to drink and a backpack. In winter you'll need a warm hat, scarf and gloves. For longer walks, you will need walking boots, and I would recommend a pair of over-trousers as well as the waterproof jacket. 

What if I don't live near the Yorkshire Dales?

You might like to take the opportunity to lengthen your retreat by staying a couple of nights at The Jonas Centre in Wensleydale, with whom Feet of Faith is partnered. A beautiful setting where you are invited to rest, seek and engage with God. Or alternatively, you might like to consider staying at Scargill House in Upper Wharfedale: a multinational Christian community which offers a place of relaxation, refreshing and learning, and where guests are welcome for independent visits and on retreat, or to attend programmed events.

What will it cost?

A walk costs £30, but the exact cost can be discussed (I don't want anyone not to come because of price). If the walk has to be cancelled, we'll try to reschedule it. If that's not possible, you'll be refunded in full. 

What next?

If you'd like to find out more information, please feel free to get in touch with me.

If you're ready to give it a whirl, go to the booking page and send in your booking form to start the process, then we'll set up a Zoom call so that we can discuss in more detail what you'd like to do.  

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